Lunch arrangement

Lunch arrangement

(for whole-day face-to-face classes timetable)

Students must bring their own set of clean utensils for lunch every day.

Parent meal arrangement

  1. Please arrive at the enquiry counter on the ground floor before 12:15 – 12:45 in the morning ( Enter from the main entrance and place it on the meal-collector according to the class.)
  2. Please state the student's name and class on the lunch bag.

Booking Arrangement

  1. This year's lunch supplier is Danny Catering Service Ltd.
  2. The order form will be distributed in the middle of the month. Parents should choose the meal with children. You can choose to pay by crossed cheque or via PAYPAL; you can also complete your payment at China Resources Vanguard, VANGO, 7-Eleven and OK Convenience Store. Staple the receipt onto the ordering form and return it to the class teacher by the 14th of every month.
  3. Students are required to complete the whole form. Individual orders are not allowed.
  4. Students are allowed to refill their meals. The refills will be given out on a first come first served basis.
  5. The lunch supplier provides fruit twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday).
  6. If the students are to request a leave of absence from school, please call the refund hotline 2759 8251 (as printed on the order form) on the day of absence in between 8:00 – 9:30. The deducted number of meals would be displayed on the order form every other month. At the end of the school term, the refund will be given with a crossed cheque.
  7. Should there be any enquiries regarding the rice merchants, please contact the Customer Service Department of Danny Foods Limited (Tel: 2759 8251)


  • Home-cooked meals delivery time 12:15-12:45
  • Lunch time 1:05-1:55
  • Lunch break 1:30-1:50 (Primary one students can continue eating in this period.)